Supporting Children’s Cancer Centre of Lebanon

"Ataya” incepted its journey with a message holding its fundamental principles and objectives, raising awareness on local and international initiatives concerning humanity’s life, health and education. It allocated its first year's revenue to support Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon, which aims at providing the best medical services and free treatments for children from different nationalities who were diagnosed with cancer. 



Supporting 11 autism centres in the UAE

This year, Ataya directed its effort to raising awareness of autism and containing its spread among new generations. This initiative came as the number of children affected by autism in the UAE had been on the rise, making it among the first of local initiatives of its kind, creating opportunities for successful integration within the society.



Paying debts for 223 debtors in the UAE

In cooperation with Faraj Fund of the Community Development, "Ataya" focused its attention on debtors imprisoned over financial disputes. The exhibition allocated its revenue to pay the debts of 223 detainees, who were unable to fulfill their financial commitments, as a contribution to their release and return to their families, embodying the culture of cooperation and social solidarity. Ataya also revisited this project in 2020 by supporting 55 people for the same on National Day.



Establishing a hospital for maternity and childhood in Erbil – Iraq

Ataya responded to the suffering of Iraqi and Syrian refugees and the daily challenges they face as a result of war and conflict in their countries, allocating the proceeds of its 2015 exhibition to establish a specialised maternity and childhood hospital in Erbil - Iraq, encompassing the two most affected groups among refugees and aiming to provide healthcare and better services for the newborn and their mothers.



Supporting education in 6 countries

In the “Year of Reading”, and inline with it, Ataya sought to invest in people, especially children, in countries affected by instability due to security crises and natural disasters. This focus stemmed from Ataya’s belief in the importance of education to surpass misfortunes and to give hope for a better future. Ataya’s revenues were invested in constructing six fully equipped schools in India, Philippines, Egypt, Mauritania, Afghanistan and Yemen, which became beacons to educate the underprivileged



Supporting kidney failure patients in 4 countries

Millions of people around the world suffer the repercussions of kidney failure in the absence of necessary healthcare and treatment, besides the high-cost treatment and the scarcity of its equipment and resources. This results in high death rates, especially among children. In 2018, Ataya decided to support and allocate its revenue to build and provide medical equipment, treatment and medicines for patients with kidney failure in Sudan, Egypt, Comoros and Pakistan.



Supporting the infrastructure in Mauritania

While congenital blindness affects some people around the world, people in developing countries suffer the most as the disease steadily spreads due to the scarcity of medical centres and the high cost of treatment, besides the poor living conditions of those suffering from it. This human ordeal won its deal of Ataya’s attention, specifically the remote Mauritanian village of "Dali Gimb", where half the population has been suffering from congenital blindness for decades. “Ataya” dedicated its 2018 proceeds for all-round betterment of the living conditions of the villagers, including infrastructure building, housing and even establishing a specialised ophthalmology medical centre.



Building a multi-specialty hospital for low-income patients in the UAE

This year, "Ataya" concentrated on social responsibility towards health-underprivileged groups and supporting people with chronic diseases when their health cards don’t cover the cost of treatment and medication. Therefore “Ataya” allocated its proceeds to fund the establishment of a multi-specialty non-profit hospital in Sharjah to be the first of its kind providing healthcare and free medical services to patients across the country. This initiative reflects Ataya's inclusiveness and keenness to expand the scope of its beneficiaries, locally and abroad.



Treating children with congenital defects in 3 countries

Ataya’s attention this year had been directed to the less fortunate of children who suffer from congenital defects due to a genetic disorder or because of being exposed in war or conflict zones. The proceeds of Ataya’s exhibition were used to provide necessary healthcare for 200 children with congenital heart disease in the UAE and Iraq. It also included victims of Beirut explosion. This initiative achieved its objectives in cooperation and coordination with international organizations specialising in caring for children and working to improve their lives, foremost of which is UNESCO. Ataya’s main goal was to give the less fortunate of children hope in life, such that they grow to become active and productive members of their societies.